Transmit love
and not virus: Love for your pets in the time of corona!

- By Kritika Manchanda


In these tough times when we all seem to be living in a post apocalyptic period, the one thing that’s cheering us up is our pets. The corona virus pandemic has become the only talk of the town (or should we say the world). While people are quarantined, are practicing social distancing, and are self-isolating themselves, there are a few who encourage spreading false information gathered through Whatsapp University and make things worse. The situation is tough, but that doesn’t mean you start abandoning your pets.

Pets don’t transmit Corona Virus: WHO

There have been so many rumors that dogs and cats spread corona virus and that’s a major reason that a large number of pets are being abandoned heartlessly. As per current expert understanding and guidelines shared by World Health Organization (WHO), the primary transmission of Covid – 19 can only happen person-to-person. There is no information or research that proves that companion animals can spread corona virus. Rightly said that your pets only transmit love and not virus.

But as a precautionary measure it is best to wash your hands after handling your pets, their food or waste. If your pet has any sign of respiratory problem or is not eating properly, talk to your vet immediately. It can be an underlying sign of an infection so get treatment at the earliest.
The central and state government is doing all it can to curb this calamity. Now is the time to act responsibly and not be a victim to false news and rumors. As on March 23rd, 2020 Modi government has told all states that veterinary services must go on because animals cannot suffer during the COVID – 19 crisis. While several states have announced lockdown which means only essential services will be available, Modi government told all states to ensure that medical help for animals is treated as essential service.

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) wrote another letter to all states emphasizing that all law enforcement agencies ensure that animals and birds do not suffer due to hunger during the lockdown due to COVID-19.

How to protect pets if you’re sick?

If you’re sick with Covid – 19 (suspected or confirmed) it is best to stay away from your pets or other animals, just like you should stay away from other people. Ask another family member to take care of your pet until you fully recover.

Keeping pets safe and preparing for emergency

We don’t know what’s going to happen the next day or even hour, so it’s best to keep yourself prepared. If you’re a pet parent make sure you have an emergency kit ready for your pet. It should have 2 weeks’ worth of food and any medications that your pet might need.

Whenever your pet comes back home after a walk, sanitize his paws. Maintain proper hygiene by washing his food and water bowl frequently. Keep your pets engaged with indoor games or play sessions indoors and avoid going out for long walks.

Love, compassion, and social distancing – the hopes we’re all clinging on to

It is such a dark phase and your pets need you as much or even more than your children do. Don’t abandon them, care for them and they’ll love you back to make this confinement period a little tolerable. And think of those unlucky furry buddies on the streets who used to survive by finding waste food? Spare a thought for them and if you have the resources, please make an extra chapatti or give the street dogs of your locality bread and milk. We are in this together and that’s how you show humanity!

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